1. Three Reasons the Internet is NOT the Future of Your Church (And the One Thing That Is)

    Three Reasons the Internet is NOT the Future of Your Church (And the One Thing That Is)

    Whether it's Facebook Live, Zoom, YouTube, or other media form, digital ministry has become the “new normal” during these unprecedented times.

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  2. Live-Streaming vs. Pre-Recorded Services

    Live-Streaming vs. Pre-Recorded Services

    One of the biggest discussions happening in the church right now is how to proceed with digital worship. While some have gone the streaming route, others have opted to pre-record their services and release them at selected times each week.

    So which one is right for your church? It depends.

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  3. It's Not Too Late to Build a Church That Will Weather COVID-19

    Ministry looks different that it ever has before, and has left many churches feeling like they're behind the curve, wondering how their church will even survive the coronavirus crisis.

    Here's the good news: it's not too late to build a church that will weather COVID-19.

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  4. Engage Your Community During COVID-19

    The COVID-19 crisis has forced the majority of us to do ministry in a whole new way. How can we still reach our communities in safe ways? And how can we use this time to be prepared to welcome guests back when this pandemic is over? Read on for great ideas and resources.

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  5. Tracking Your Guests

    Once you have guests visiting your church the goal is to get them to stick around.

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  6. Learning How to Use Social Media

    Love it or hate it Social Media is here to stay.

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  7. Elusive Information?

    Websites have come a long way since the first one was created

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  8. Do People "Like" You?

    Social media, whether it be Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, or any variety of other up-and-coming sites, is a key component to connecting with your church, visitors, and the community at large. However, using social media is only effective if people actually see the things you are posting. But how do you get people to see your posts? And, once your posts have been seen, will people want to see more?

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