Social media, whether it be Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, or any variety of other up-and-coming sites, is a key component to connecting with your church, visitors, and the community at large. However, using social media is only effective if people actually see the things you are posting. But how do you get people to see your posts? And, once your posts have been seen, will people want to see more?

Nils Smith is involved with developing and utilizing the Online Church Facebook page, and talks about approaches that have contributed to their increased visibility in his article called, “How Our Facebook Page Grew to 250K Likes.” While he doesn’t claim to be an expert, he does offer some fundamentals to consider. The frequency of posts, along with the types of posts being made can make a huge difference. He reports that they post four to six times daily, and vary the content to focus on inspiration, conversation, and information, in addition to utilizing Facebook ads.

However, he reminds us that, while these strategies are a good start, they are not a guarantee. “People often expect one secret sauce solution and that simply does not exist. This page grew through experimentation, systematization and plain old hard work.  Over the first two years of Online Church page’s existence we have failed at many experiments and succeeded in just a few… We plan to keep experimenting, keep tweaking our systems and keep working hard as there are more than a billion active users on this network that need to hear about Jesus and engage in community!”

Source: Church Marketing Sucks: How Our Facebook Page Grew to 250K Likes