1. Three Reasons the Internet is NOT the Future of Your Church (And the One Thing That Is)

    Whether it's Facebook Live, Zoom, YouTube, or other media form, digital ministry has become the “new normal” during these unprecedented times.

    While digital communication isn’t going away (much like COVID-19, unfortunately), and it can be an excellent tool, we need to be careful just how much we rely the Internet as the future of the church for several reasons.

    Ultimately, the only thing that will matter in the future is the only thing that (should have) mattered all along...

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  2. Navigating a Positive COVID-19 Test in Your Church

    Recently in a forum for church leaders, the question was posed: 

    How long should the church close if/when someone tests positive for COVID-19?

    It’s a question that all organizations are wrestling with as the nation attempts reopening and the numbers of cases continue to climb.

    But what if this is the wrong question to ask? 

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  3. Handouts during COVID-19: Are They Safe?

    Before COVID-19 arrived on the scene, we shared announcements and sermon outlines in a bulletin, special event information on fliers, and information about our church for a new guest in Guest Welcome Packets

    But COVID-19 has forced us to reevaluate all of our processes in an effort to keep our congregation safe, and that leaves us wondering: Is it safe to distribute paper handouts to members and guests? 

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  4. Live-Streaming vs. Pre-Recorded Services

    One of the biggest discussions happening in the church right now is how to proceed with digital worship. While some have gone the streaming route, others have opted to pre-record their services and release them at selected times each week.

    So which one is right for your church? It depends.

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