30 Min Strategy Call

A 30 minute conversation could make an eternal impact.

30 Minute Guest Ministry Strategy Call

30 Minute Strategy Call

A 30 minute phone call could make an eternal difference

Equip Ministry Resources is not only dedicated to offering you the best products for your ministry to welcome guests, but we are also invested in your ministries success. That is why we offer a FREE 30 minute phone call to discuss the best strategies for your guest ministry and how we can partner alongside you to bring more people to saving faith in Jesus Christ.

During the call we will discuss

Your Current Guest Ministry Process

If you already have a guest ministry, we will take some time to assess what strategies you are currently implementing and help you find ways to improve upon them. If you don't have a guest ministry, we will help you start off on the right foot with proven strategies to increase your guest retention.


Your Volunteer Culture

In ministry, we all know that a ministry strategy is only as good as its volunteers. That is why we take time to help you either improve or establish a healthy and vibrant volunteer culture in your guest ministry.


Your questions

Guest ministry is unique to your ministry's community and culture. That is why we prioritize time for your questions to be answered so that your guest ministry is as successful as possible at bringing your community into faith in Jesus Christ.


Even before you say, “Hello!”...

you have already begun to communicate to your guests what your ministry is all about. That is why Equip develops a strategic partnership with your ministry to ensure that you welcome guests well with clear information about who you are and how your guests can get better connected to your ministry.

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