Monthly Archives: July 2019

  1. Fall Outreach Events

    Summer is a busy time for many ministries—you might have Vacation Bible School, summer camps, retreats, or special Bible studies. And in the midst of all that, you’re trying to plan for your entire fall ministry as well as ways to kick off that ministry!

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  2. A Simple Guest Experience Is Complex for Churches

    What does your guest experience actually look like for guests? Is it complicated and convoluted with too many assumptions? Or is it seamless and welcoming? Here are a few tips to make your guest ministry simple for guests while being complex enough to keep track of everything.

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  3. Secrets to a Successful Outreach Event at your Church

    If you’ve ever tried to organize an outreach event, you know the challenges:

    Low attendance
    Unengaged guests
    No follow-up

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  4. How to Fund a Guest Ministry Program [Beginning and Ongoing]

    Many church budgets are tight enough as it is—how are you supposed to fit in a guest ministry line item when you have bills and salaries and coffee to pay for?

    Guest ministries are a vital follow-up to your outreach efforts, and they sustain churches for growth in years to come by retaining guests and turning them into disciples.

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