Planning a Guest Ministry Strategy

When I think about big changes in my life, I think about when I moved across the country for a new job opportunity. I was very excited, but it was risky, and I had no idea what I was doing. By nature, I am not a good planner so getting ready for the move was a struggle. I just wanted to jump into the new job, get my feet wet, and go! However, if I took that mindset and just jumped, I would have ended up drowning. Luckily I was surrounded by wise people who helped me with my moving strategy. They helped me with securing a residence, getting moving supplies, and planning travel dates. Being prepared made my move much simpler which allowed me to focus on my new job, and getting to know my new surroundings.

Having a strategy for your guest ministry is vital. No one wants to fail when trying something new and big. We want to succeed and make it to the summit of the mountain! By making a plan and defining your overall

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