Monthly Archives: September 2016

  1. Who Are We Promoting?

    First impressions are important.

    They set the stage for our subsequent experiences, priming us to interpret and incorporate further information into a cognitive structure built on very limited information.

    So what about first impressions of the church?

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  2. Incorporating Video for Less

    Churches often have questions about how to modernize and present themselves in a current and relevant light in order to more effectively reach their local community. While there are a variety of ways to go about moving toward this goal (having a dynamic website, using fresh graphics on bulletins, updating the church building itself, etc.), one strategy is to incorporate creative videos into the sermon and announcements.

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  3. Elusive Information?

    Websites have come a long way since the first one was created

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  4. The Importance of Effective Communication

    Ever wonder how effective your church is at communicating with your congregation?

    If not, maybe it’s time you start.

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  5. Is Your Church Boring? Maybe It Should Be...

    If you’re in leadership, you’ve probably said, heard or read the church vision or mission statements more times than you can count. At some point, it starts sounding boring to you.

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  6. Real Beauty

    Chances are, you’ve heard the phrase, “Beauty is in the eye of the beholder.” But what if beauty is less subjective than we make it out to be? While how we perceive ourselves and others may vary depending on our mood, our pasts, or whether we have eaten lunch yet today, the Bible offers us objective truth about who we are and how Jesus sees us.

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  7. Procrastination..... Let's talk about this later.

    What comes to mind when you think of how your church is about accomplishing tasks? Whether the project is writing a newsletter, creating slides for announcements, or choosing the next sermon series, chances are you might describe it as one of the following:

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