Monthly Archives: January 2019

  1. Easter Is The End, Not The Beginning

    Just like football has its “Super Day” every year, many churches view Easter Sunday as their “Super Day” for reaching out to the community. People who only come a few times a year are getting their “Sunday Best” ready and you want them at your church!

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  2. What Does Your Lobby Say?

    As the generational switch in leadership continues to take place, more and more churches are evaluating whether or not their lobby is the inviting space they want, or a holdover from a past era.

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  3. Featured Design Style: Family Ties

    Featured Design Style: Family Ties

    A bright style that your guests will love

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  4. New Year Goal-Setting for Your Church

    The New Year is a great time for your church leadership to meet and set goals for your next year of ministry, and to lay down the framework for how those goals will be achieved.

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  5. Featured Design Style: Modern Marker

    Featured Design Style: Modern Marker

    A simple style that is easily adaptable

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