Love it or hate it, Social Media is here to stay. The people in our churches spend a lot of time online--more time than most other forms of media, in fact.  When we combine the facts that our people are there AND that it is relatively inexpensive (often free) to use Social Media, we would be foolish not to consider how to harness it to advance our mission.

Many people leading churches have no idea where to begin when it comes to Social Media personally, much less for their church.  Over at, there are a bunch of articles on the subject which can help us begin or improve our use of Social Media.  Here’s one their tips on How to Communicate Effectively on Social Media:

1. Avoid negative chatter. On social media it can be easy to let emotions fly and say something negative in a post or reply negatively.  However, never have I seen anyone convinced of another person's viewpoint on social media, especially when there is negativity involved.  Furthermore, as a believer and minister, it is so important to communicate Christ (see #4) and, to my knowledge, Christ never convinced others about the love of God by tearing someone down, even if He knew He was right.

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