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  1. Customer Spotlight: Vine Fellowship

    Customer Spotlight: Vine Fellowship

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  2. 4 Reasons Your Church Needs a Guest Welcome Packet

    Guests come to your church for many reasons, with many different interests and goals. That means they’ll have different questions they need answered as they decide to join your church. Additionally, there is information a guest should know about your church that isn’t even on their radar yet. So how do you handle that? How do you give people answers to the questions they’re asking, and also the questions they haven’t yet asked, but soon will?

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  3. Showing God's Love Acts of Kindness Campaign

    Want to Grow Year Round?

    Start an Acts of Kindness Campaign for $50.00

    Most Churches tend to see growth and attendance stall in the summer months. Does it have to be that way? A full 60% or more of people in our communities don't attend church at all, so there's no shortage of people to invite. How can we engage these people and invite them to our church this summer?

    While many people will be taking vacation this summer there is still ample opportunity to invite people when they are at home. Not all of America will be on vacation at the same time so let’s open our church doors to those people that are still in the neighborhood each weekend. An Acts of Kindness Campaign engages our communities and raises awareness about your church.

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  4. Customer Spotlight: Catch of the Day DC Church

    Customer Spotlight: Catch of the Day DC Church

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  5. Father’s Day and the Crisis of Fatherhood in America (and Your Church)

    Mother’s Day is the 3rd most visited Sunday at most churches, but Father’s Day may be the most important (and underrated) one all year. Let me explain.

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  6. Customer Spotlight: Bellfort Church of Christ

    Customer Spotlight: Bellfort Church of Christ

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  7. The Well-Intentioned Culture of Insiders

    Think about the last time you felt like an ‘outsider,’ like you didn’t belong.

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  8. Be Mindful this Mother's Day

    Mother’s Day is the third highest church attendance day of the year,

    so the last thing you want to do this Sunday is alienate anyone unintentionally.

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  9. Customer Spotlight: Destiny Church Naples

    Customer Spotlight: Destiny Church Naples

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  10. 4 Reasons to Invest Heavily in your Guest Ministry

    Throughout all of Christendom there has been a universal theme:

    The harvest is plenty but the workers are few.

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