Monthly Archives: June 2019

  1. Gift Ideas for Students Going to College from Your Church

    College is a formative time for many young adults. During those four-ish years, students grow an immeasurable amount. Unfortunately, this is also a time many people fall away from the faith. Without their parents or their home church around, students often slowly stop engaging in a Christian community.

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  2. How to Prepare for Church Guests before Sunday

    How to Prepare for Church Guests before Sunday

    The guest experience really starts before they pull into the parking lot. The first impression that happens on Sunday has been influenced and informed by what happens on the other six days of the week. Is your church ready to make a great first impression before your guests even set foot on your campus?

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  3. Apathy vs. Disengagement

    Recently I was part of a discussion with a pastor who sent an email to his membership asking where they wanted to grow spiritually. Two days later there were no responses.

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