1. Secrets to a Successful Outreach Event at your Church

    If you’ve ever tried to organize an outreach event, you know the challenges:

    Low attendance
    Unengaged guests
    No follow-up

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  2. Gift Ideas for Students Going to College from Your Church

    College is a formative time for many young adults. During those four-ish years, students grow an immeasurable amount. Unfortunately, this is also a time many people fall away from the faith. Without their parents or their home church around, students often slowly stop engaging in a Christian community.

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  3. How to Prepare for Church Guests before Sunday

    The guest experience really starts before they pull into the parking lot. The first impression that happens on Sunday has been influenced and informed by what happens on the other six days of the week. Is your church ready to make a great first impression before your guests even set foot on your campus?

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  4. Reach Your Community

    For many churches, we know we’re supposed to reach and evangelize our communities, but the people… they’re so…. Different!

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  5. The Best Summer Yet for Your Church

    Your church undoubtedly invested plenty of time and energy into making Easter a great experience and celebration of Jesus’ sacrifice for your members and newcomers.

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  6. Easter Is The End, Not The Beginning

    Just like football has its “Super Day” every year, many churches view Easter Sunday as their “Super Day” for reaching out to the community. People who only come a few times a year are getting their “Sunday Best” ready and you want them at your church!

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  7. Start a New Tradition at Your Church this Christmas

    In 2008, my wife and I wanted to spend Christmas Eve with her family, but needed a place to stay, so we spent the three days before Christmas at a hotel near her parents’ home. This was no ordinary hotel.

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  8. Back to School - Equip Parents with Ideas to Impact Teachers

    Last spring a friend who is an elementary school teacher mentioned that she has received so many coffee mugs from parents she didn’t have space for any more of them. She felt completely inundated with gifts when the experience (the school year) was over.

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  9. Why is personal evangelism so rare?

    It seems in our post-Christian culture that the courage (or perhaps even willingness) to share our faith is becoming rare. Why is that? 

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  10. Tips for Starting a Door Hanger Campaign

    An oft forgotten tool, Door Hangers offer a unique opportunity to engage your current members in local outreach, generate awareness of your church in your local neighborhoods, and create opportunities for face-to-face engagement, prayer, and inviting people to attend your church.

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