Secret Shopping

See your ministry through their eyes.

Secret Shopping

Secret Shopping

Want to know what your guests see?

Ready to find out exactly what it’s like to be a guest at your church? Our Secret Shopping Experience is the ultimate evaluation of everything a guest sees, hears, smells and experiences at your church. Our Secret Shopper Experience is the absolute best way to evaluate your church and develop a plan for building a successful, healthy Guest Ministry.

Equip secret shopping includes

A full on-site evaluation

We will send an equip representative to your city for a weekend to visit on a Sunday morning and evaluate the outside and inside of your property, your worship options, your children's ministry, volunteer and staff interactions, member interactions, visit follow-up, and more!


Evaluation briefing

Either on that Sunday afternoon or Monday morning before leaving, we will meet with staff/leadership to give basic first impressions of the experience at your church and some basic first steps.


A full report

Within 3 weeks we will provide a written report about the experience. The report includes pictures from the visit, explanations of what we experienced, praise where your ministry is successful, and recommendations for areas where your ministry has room to improve/grow.


Strategy Follow-up

After giving you the report, we will set-up a video conference call to answer questions and help guide you forward in your guest ministry.


Even before you say, “Hello!”...

you have already begun to communicate to your guests what your ministry is all about. That is why Equip develops a strategic partnership with your ministry to ensure that you welcome guests well with clear information about who you are and how your guests can get better connected to your ministry.

The cost for this service varies based on the number of campuses, services, average weekly attendance and travel costs but begins at $1500 + travel expenses. Please contact us for more information.

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