We’ve been seeing a lot of TV show reboots lately. Fuller House (a take on the 80’s show Full House) seems to be the most popular one over the last few years, but there are many that have been released, and many more in the works. These reboots take favorite old classics that no one really watches anymore and tweak them a bit, bringing new stories and excitement, and a fresh new group of fans.

As we enter a new year and start to set new goals for our churches, we often look to our vision and mission statements to help guide our strategy. But what if our vision is kind of like that old classic TV show? It had its day, but now it’s kind of outdated and irrelevant—no one gets excited about it or inspired to action. Could it be that your vision statement needs a reboot?

Tony Morgan says a vision without excitement and execution is ‘stuck in Death Valley’.  In his blog post, he lists four symptoms churches will experience if their vision is stuck in Death Valley, and a few suggestions on how to keep your vision out of this desolate place. 

We hope your vision isn’t stuck in Death Valley, but if it is, Tony's suggestions will help you reboot and breathe new life and excitement into your church—and hopefully bring an influx of new excited believers as well.

Read Tony Morgan’s post here.