Customer Spotlight: Catch of the Day DC Church

We are excited to share Catch of the Day DC Church's Welcome Packet

with you and a little about their church and guest ministry!

Catch of the Day DC Church Most Recent Order:

6x9 Complete Package | Design Style: Ekklesia



Catch of the Day DC Church selected our design style "Ekklesia." With the creativity of Pastor Dunmore and our on staff graphic designer this design style came to life and perfectly fits the culture of Catch of the Day. Pastor Dunmore supplied his logo and photos and let our designer customize the folder with their colors. It took teamwork to produce such a beautiful packet that will be used to reach many in the DC community!

Questions and Answers with Pastor Cornel Dunmore

(Visionary and Senior Pastor at Catch of the Day DC Church)

1) Tell us about your church

Catch of the Day DC Church is located in Washington DC. The church celebrated two years April 10, 2018. For more information, please visit our website at and navigate to OUR VISION AND WE GOT YOU tabs. More helpful links are as follow:

2) What do you like most about working with Equip?

I like the responsiveness of the entire Equp staff. They always got back to me immediately. They answer the telephone. They turned my project around extremely fast from concept design to delivery to my door step. I was so proud to showcase our Visitors Packet from Equip. We introduced the Visitor's Packet at our Annual Outreach Easter Sunday Seafood Breakfast. 

3) What advice would you give to a church just starting a Guest Ministry?

The visitor packet really helps us explain who we are and what we do. It answers frequently asked questions and allows us to engage our visitors beyond Sunday morning worship. We use the information to conduct pastoral engagement and care. It works. We have a net gain of 8 members and I know the visitor's packet is helping us reach our target market and the community we have been assigned.