It's easy to prepare for disasters (fire insurance, fire extinguishers, escape plans),

but what about church growth?

Have you stopped and thought: Would our current processes work if we were twice our current size? What would need to change? What would stay the same?


Steven Kryger has a great post talking about growth and how it affects your church. In his article he states:

Rarely will a church reach a point of growth where their very existence is on the line. However, it can take just a small amount of growth for systems and processes to feel the strain and for people to be negatively impacted. This can manifest itself in various ways:

Let me be clear, by God’s grace, churches continue to grow, usually in spite of us, not because of us. However, this doesn’t mean churches shouldn’t prepare for growth in order to care for the new people as best as possible. Churches should be stewards of the people resources that God kindly provides.

Growth necessitates changes in every aspect of church life. What changes can you make in your church now to prepare for the growth you are praying for?