John Maxwell is one of the foremost leadership gurus of our time. Having worked with countless leaders John has developed a deep well of knowledge and experience. As we continue to venture further into the year, whether you made resolutions or not, one thing that is always wise to renew your effort with is personal growth.

There is a high correlation between the personal growth of a leader and the growth of an organization. The appeal of just “good enough” is powerful, so whenever someone decides to go beyond “good enough,” there is always push-back. You see, people love average. Average doesn’t require much more than showing up. Average gets you through life with minimal fuss, which makes it very appealing to some folks. And that’s okay. People can be average. But average people often want others to be average too, and that’s where the challenge comes in. When you decide to grow, it threatens average, and the push-back inevitably begins. Suddenly, growth doesn’t look so appealing. But if you’re committed to be the best person you can be, if you’re committed to something greater than average, you must choose to grow. And that starts with finding the courage you need. Read the entire post HERE