Guest Packet Cards and Inserts

Guest Welcome Packet Insert Sheets and Cards

All of our inserts and cards are custom printed with your information for your church

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A customized Welcome Folder is a great foundation for a guest welcome packet, but our Customized Insert Sheets, Connect Cards and Business Cards are what tell guests everything they need to know about your church. Printed specifically with your church information, there is nothing generic you have to use. 100% of the inserts sheets and cards are designed and printed for you when you order them. You can completely customize the inserts with your own information, headings, colors, pictures or any other information you want to share with a guest. Inserts can also be replaced one at a time so your welcome packet is always up to date. Customizing the inserts is as easy as submitting a word/pdf file online or emailing us your information after you place an order.

Connect cards are the most important aspect of your guest ministry. Without a guest's contact information, you have no way to follow up with them and encourage them to take a next step in their faith. Our customized Church Connection Cards are a great way to collect information from a guest so you can complete the followup aspect of their visit to your church. Whether you call them information cards, connect cards, or pew cards, everything about our Church Connection Cards is completely customized for your church. There is nothing generic or pre-printed that you have to use. We design and print 100% of your order for you, when you order it.

Business Cards and Guest Invitation Cards are also customized for your church. You can use the business cards as a traditional business card with your pastor's contact information, or you can use it as a general church information card, or as a coupon for a free drink in your café or for a free gift at your welcome center.