Your 9-5 is Not in Vain

Many pastors are bi-vocational – meaning their job at the church isn’t their first or only job.

In fact, many in our day are choosing to be bi-vocational to force a connection with non-believers and stay relevant.

No doubt there can be perks to sharpening your role as a shepherd in this world, but there are some challenges as well.  How do you deal with failure in your “regular” job? Many of us have a tough time trusting God when it comes to providing for our needs or helping us when its related to the more practical side of life.  Maybe for you its easy to trust God for things inside of your churches bubble but not outside of it.

In an article over at, Andre Yee observes:

Too often, I do not seek God’s help when facing obstacles and setbacks. Instead I “lean in” with my own abilities and forget to look to God. In fact, I’ve realized that much of my despair in fruitless seasons stems from my inability to succeed on my own.

Be sure to check out the rest of the article HERE to learn more on how God is working right in the midst of our failures at work.