With the vast majority of American churches in decline, and budgets usually tight, many leaders are wondering how to maximize the impact of their programs in the community to reach unbelievers. It’s tough as society moves toward post-Christianity, especially when it comes to drawing in a skeptical next generation. Vacation Bible School (VBS) is a natural way to draw in children and share Jesus’ message with them, and it can be a great way to draw their families in to become part of discipleship in your church. But just because it’s natural doesn’t mean we go in without a strategy.

Beth Howe writes this: “Vacation Bible School is often one of the most intense weeks in the life of a church. For many churches, it is the largest outreach event of the year. But if VBS ends for your church as soon as everything is cleaned up for next Sunday’s service, you’re missing out on a world of potential.”

Howe has worked in children’s ministry for over 14 years, and shares 4 ways to maximize the impact of VBS throughout the year. It all starts with and rests on your registration process and works right alongside your Guest Ministry! Read her tips at the link below and work them into your VBS plan for this summer.

Have any additional strategies to maximize VBS impact? Share them with us in the comments!

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