One trend I have seen a lot of churches falling into is the “cool trap.”  They are the kind of churches with pastors who are attempting to be celebrities, to bring about their fame, and for people to get to know their name. Oh, they may be well intentioned, but we travel down a dangerous road when in trying to reach a dark world, we become the world ourselves. Often that is a very thin line between effective outreach and what may be considered sin.

In the article “The Myth of “Cool Church” Carl Lentz Pastor of Hillsong Church in New York City shares:

More people are attracted to genuine Christians than they are attracted to “cool” Christians. The best pastors are not the “cool” pastors, but the best pastors are the faithful pastors.

Our goal should always be to say: “God, you made me how you made me. Use this broken, average vessel to reach as many people as you can”.

God is going to bless who you are, not someone you are trying to emulate.

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