What comes to mind when you think of how your church accomplishes tasks? Whether the project is writing a newsletter, creating slides for announcements, or choosing the next sermon series, chances are you might describe it as one of the following:

“Last-minute. “

“At the 11th hour.”

“ Just under the wire.”

Sometimes it even seems like avoiding a mad scramble before worship on Sunday morning is just too much to expect.

If you are anything like Tim Challies, you may find it easy to procrastinate by either neglecting productivity for entertainment or by filling the time with the less important tasks. He offers reasons for the root of the problem and it's not just about filling time. "Procrastination is a problem of spirituality before it is a problem of productivity. I came to understand that God has put me on this earth to bring glory to him by doing good for others. If that is the case, then procrastination hinders my ability to carry out my purpose."

If procrastination is something you struggle with, this article by Tim Challies may give you insight to refocus how you deal with important tasks.

Source: Christianity.com: 4 Tips for Dealing with Procrastination