Jesus made it clear that the need for volunteers is never going to end. For many churches, it’s that need for volunteers that hinders them from accomplishing everything they really want to do. While the need for more workers is never ending, what happens when we don’t respond to the questions and needs of the people we already have?

Ron Edmondson wrote a great article about how unresponsiveness can make people feel, and some simple tips to eliminate unresponsiveness even if you don’t have immediate answers for people’s questions.

“Responsiveness is paramount in ministry and leadership. Whether it’s an email, a phone call, or Facebook message, most people expect some sort of response. I realize busyness makes this difficult, but it’s an important enough issue to address. I encourage leaders to figure out a process that allows for diligent responsiveness.”

How would your volunteers or guests rate your church on responsiveness? No matter where you’re at, what are ways you can improve your level of responsiveness?

Source: Ron Edmondson