If you’re in leadership, you’ve probably said, heard, or read the church vision or mission statements more times than you can count. At some point, it starts sounding boring to you.

What about guests?

What about casual attendees?

What about the people who are committed to your church?

Do they know what you stand for? Do they know your goals? Even if they do, is this Sunday a good time for a reminder?

Ron Edmondson has some great words of wisdom regarding how boring your church should, or shouldn’t be:

Sometimes boring is better.

And when it is, it is every time.

It may be boring for you, but for some, it’s fresh and vital information.

Share your vision.

Share it again.

And again.

And again.

And again.

As a leader, are you speaking your church vision so often that it almost seems boring? If not, maybe it’s time to start telling people about it.

Source: Ron Edmondson