For many churches the natural path seems to be to add new ministries and initiatives each year with little consideration on the impact on the church as a whole. We need to stop and ask ourselves some questions before adding new programs, such as "How will these new ministries managed?" and "Will the leaders of our church have enough energy for the new ministries to be successful?"

On the surface having multiple ministries seems to be a sign of a successful church but more isn’t always better in the long run.  It's easy to think that more programs will minister to more people. But what if adding more ministries causes the quality to suffer?  Dan Reiland over at offers some great insight into the matter:

Most churches are busy to the point of significant fatigue. Yet, all that activity doesn’t necessarily translate to vibrant and healthy growing churches. 

The larger a church becomes, the ratio of energy-to-results yields decreasing returns. Fewer ministries allow you to refocus your energy for greater results.

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