Anyone who has been in vocational ministry for longer than a week or two has felt the urge to quit. Ministry is a challenging, often thankless and lonely road.  This time of year can be especially challenging when ministry pressure collides with the stress of the holidays.  Its important when you considering quitting a ministry position to never do so in an emotionally charged moment. We need to slow down enough to prayerfully consider the pros and cons, and ultimately the Spirits leading.  Paul Tripp faced a similar moment right at the beginning of his ministry career. 

It was a recipe for disaster. Not only was my environment very difficult to minister into, but my immaturity was being exposed all over the place. When difficulty and immaturity collide, there's always going to be some kind of carnage that results.

If you feel like quitting today please take a moment and read Paul’s article HERE.  Don’t be in a hurry to quit, maybe it is the right thing to do…but not today.