Customer Spotlight: Lifehouse Church

We are excited to share Lifehouse Church's projects

with you and a little about their church and guest ministry!

Lifehouse Church's Recent Order:

3x7 Custom Banner


Lifehouse Church partners with Equip to create custom banners that communicate in BIG ways! Lifehouse uses our layout specifications and designs their own artwork. After the artwork is submitted our team works to produce the final polished product. Together we are able to create banners that will make an impact at each and every service.

Questions and Answers with Jay Recto

(Campuses and Assimilations Pastor at Lifehouse Church)

1) Tell us about your church?

We are located in Hagerstown, MD and our church has been open for 13 years. Our weekly attendance average is 2,000+

We will do anything apart from sin to reach people who are far away from Christ.

2) What do you like most about working with Equip?

Great customer service and fast turn around.  Justin has been great to work with and really captures the essence of what we are looking for.

3) What advice would you give to a church just starting a Guest Ministry?

Start with the WHY.  Why is it needed?  Explain to them the importance of hospitality.  That we have the best message in the world and it requires the best presentation.  I look at Guest services as, the sermon before the sermon.  The first 5 minutes are the most important 5 minutes to a guests - That is the time that guests will make a decision whether they will come back or not.  Our heart behind guests services is always to help people tear down walls and build bridges so God can do whatever He wants.  If Heaven is going to rejoice over the one that turns to Christ for salvation we count it a privilege to host the party and guest services helps to set the stage for that.