Customer Spotlight: Grace Community Baptist Church

We are excited to share Grace Community Baptist Church's Welcome Packet

with you and a little about their church and guest ministry!

Grace Community Baptist Church's Most Recent Order:

6-Squared Complete Packet | Design Style: A Worshipper's Heart


Grace Community Baptist Church wanted to showcase their pastoral leadership so they selected our "A Worshipper's Heart" style. They supplied a photo of their pastors and their logo and our professional designers isolated the images and applied them to the design. Grace Community also customized their insert sheets so that their guest experience is memorable and personalized.

Questions and Answers with Alayasia White

(Pastor's Wife at Grace Community Baptist Church)

1) Tell us about your church

Grace Community Baptist Church is located in Baton Bouge, Louisiana.  The church started in 2012 and has about 225 in weekly attendance.

2) What do you like most about working with Equip?

I love the responsiveness of the reps at Equip! I also love the creative ideas the promotion and advertising that Equip shares with our ministry!

3) What advice would you give to a church just starting a Guest Ministry?

My advice would be to have a team that is dedicated to follow up with first time guests. This has worked well for us and has made the guest feel welcome and comfortable in attending subsequent worship services.