If we want our churches to grow and reach more people for Jesus over time, change is a requirement. But how do we know if we’re part of an organization that’s even capable of change? 

Paul Alexander, a consultant with The Unstuck Group, has worked with a wide variety of churches. He’s seen some churches able to change, and get “unstuck” and experience growth again, and others who haven’t. Of those who have, he’s noticed some characteristics they have in common. 

The first characteristic? Personal ownership. Alexander says this:

“Churches that change and get unstuck take personal ownership. They don’t blame previous leaders, they don’t blame the economy, they don’t blame what’s happening in their community, they don’t blame the people attending the church, and they don’t even blame the devil. Churches that change get to the point where they stop making excuses for not growing and reaching new people for Jesus. These churches don’t play the role of a victim. These church leaders intuitively know that you can’t change what you can’t control…and they know you can’t control much…but you can control your attitude, your effort, and your approach. These churches are willing to change all three of those things.”

If your church is stuck, but looking to make a change, all of the characteristics Alexander shares are worth evaluating. Does your church possess these characteristics now? If not, what steps can you take to make these a reality?

Read his full article here.