Our culture continues to change at a rapid rate. The minute we think we have understood a cultural shift and adjusted our approach we recognize it has changed yet again.  The effectiveness of your church is influenced greatly by your understanding of the culture which God has placed your church in. 

How can a Lighthouse steer ships to safe harbor if they are unaware of the storms outside of them? While the Gospel will never change our methods must.  Carey Nieuwhof offers great insight over on his blog considering what we can learn from the decline of Radio and TV.

The world around us continues to change because people are changing with it. The church is never immune from cultural change, and the decline of radio and television give us a window into some of the changes the church is struggling with now and will continue to struggle with in the future.

The mission of the church will never change, but the methods have to. Otherwise, you die. Plain and simple.

The television and radio industries have adapted better to the changing world than, say, newspapers have, but as this Pew Research Centre report makes clear, the industry is changing dramatically.

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