Aside from a supportive spouse, there are few people who can support a pastor like an assistant.  Do you have an assistant? We can’t afford one, you might say…but I have seen churches get creative with funding for this position. Even finding a high quality volunteer can work if it’s the right person.

Either way, few can argue that a pastoral assistant can help maximize a pastor’s effectiveness by helping him/her focus on things other than administration.  A recent article shared various ways that a good assistant helps a pastor. Here is part of that article:

Protecting the Pastor

I am my own worst enemy. I am absent minded. I easily lose track of time. I over-extend myself. I am aloof to my blind spots. Renee isn’t. She sees it all. She has access to my email, both church and personal accounts. She controls my calendar. I think she may even have my credit card number! Before taking on writing for this blog, I ran it by Renee. More and more I find myself saying, “I don’t know. Ask Renee.” And that is a good thing. It frees my mind to focus on how to move the church forward rather than obsessing over things I shouldn’t.

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