Numerical growth is often on the mind of pastors and church leadership. 

It seems like everything would improve if you could just get more people to attend…more volunteers, more money, more stories of life-change. And yet Barna reports that the average church in America is 89 people.  The quest to grow can be a complex one and here at EQUIP we definitely think we can play a role in helping your church grow.  Carey Nieuwhof a pastor in Canada offers 8 reasons why most churches can't bust 200 in attendance.  Here’s one of them that stood out to us:

The pastor suffers from a desire to please everybody.

Many pastors I know are people-pleasers by nature. Go see a counselor. Get on your knees. Do whatever you need to do to get over the fear of disappointing people.

Courageous leadership is like courageous parenting. Don’t do what your kids want you to do; do what you believe is best for them in the end. Eventually, many of them will thank you.

And the rest? Honestly, they’ll probably go to another church that isn’t reaching many people either.

I realize the diagnosis can sound a little harsh, but we have a pretty deep problem on our hands. And radical problems demand radical solutions.

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