1. Building a Guest-Friendly Worship Experience

    We need to be mindful that we have guests in our worship services.

    Many guests have no context for what they’re about to see, hear, and experience inside your church. Here are some tips for making a guest friendly experience that doesn’t remove the power and presence of the Holy Spirit in your church.

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  2. First Steps – How to make someone’s arrival at your church amazing!

    What do guests experience when they arrive?

    You did it! You equipped your members to invite people and you have awareness building in your community through your website, social media and a little advertising. Now it’s time to get people on campus and into your building! 

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  3. Your Guests (hopefully) Don’t Pray About Joining Your Church

    It sounds like one of those sensational headlines designed to trick you into clicking on something, only to find an ad waiting for you, but I think there's something worth considering as you build your guest ministry.

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  4. The Well-Intentioned Culture of Insiders

    Think about the last time you felt like an ‘outsider,’ like you didn’t belong.

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  5. Be Mindful this Mother's Day

    Mother’s Day is the third highest church attendance day of the year,

    so the last thing you want to do this Sunday is alienate anyone unintentionally.

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  6. Worship Design Basics

    Worship design may include everything from video, to music, graphics, lighting, etc... How do we go about it in a way that is glorifying to God and creates an environment that encourages genuine praise and reflection?

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  7. Incorporating Video for Less

    Churches often have questions about how to modernize and present themselves in a current and relevant light in order to more effectively reach their local community. While there are a variety of ways to go about moving toward this goal (having a dynamic website, using fresh graphics on bulletins, updating the church building itself, etc.), one strategy is to incorporate creative videos into the sermon and announcements.

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  8. Is Your Church Too Busy for People?

    Jesus made it clear that the need for volunteers is never going to end. For many churches, it’s that need for volunteers that hinders them from accomplishing everything they really want to do. While the need for more workers is never ending, what happens when we don’t respond to the questions and needs of the people we already have?

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  9. No, I'm Not Lovin' It

    Have you seen the changes in McDonalds lately? Gone is the emphasis on playland and Happy Meals, now replaced with McCafe, Wifi, and warm, inviting colors. It’s like Starbucks, with burgers and fries. On the surface, things are very different, but what about when you get deeper in?

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  10. Hope Beyond the Generic

    When my wife and I got married we came from geographically different areas and we chose to settle in the middle. Because of that choice to live in the middle and continue working our respective jobs, we drive about 1400 miles a WEEK for work. Whenever I mention that to people their jaw drops and they wonder how we do it. I have a 3 word answer for them: “we drive hybrids.”

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