Personal Growth

  1. Back to School - Equip Parents with Ideas to Impact Teachers

    Teaching kids hospitality

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  2. Why is personal evangelism so rare?

    It seems in our post-Christian culture that the courage (or perhaps even willingness) to share our faith is becoming rare. Why is that? Why is sharing our faith so challenging for most people? I suspect the answer is  “sharing your faith”or “evangelizing people” are such a nebulous phrases.  What does it mean? When do you do it? What do you say? How do we teach people how to do it? How do we normalize it?

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  3. We're Broken And That's Ok

    Whether you are a ministry volunteer or a pastor I bet you can relate to feeling: “not good enough” at times.

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  4. Never Underestimate the Power of Prayer

    While many of us would agree that prayer is an essential part of the believer’s life sadly it’s usually not the first place we turn when we experience hardship.  It’s our nature to turn to someone or something tangible I think when stuff hits the fan…we are more inclined to talk with a spouse, friend or mentor. Why?

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  5. How to Deliver Constructive Criticism

    If you have been in ministry longer than say a week than you have received some form of criticism.

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  6. Increase Your Chances of Completing a Goal by 300%

    Who couldn't use a 300% boost?

    Awhile back I listened to a podcast which featured Andy Stanley discussing what he called: “Keystone Habits.” I felt it was a fresh take on reaching goals and staying committed to something when you feel like giving up.

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  7. A Good Assistant Goes a Long Way

    Aside from a supportive spouse, there are few people who can support a pastor like an assistant.

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  8. Great Resource for Teaching the Bible

    Living in the Post-Modern era offers a lot of temptation specifically as it relates to the advancement of technology.  It seems right away when kids are born they are handed a smartphone or tablet and begin interacting in the digital world.

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  9. Finding the Courage to Grow

    As we continue to venture further into the year, whether you made resolutions or not, one thing that is always wise to renew your effort with is personal growth.

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  10. Your 9-5 is Not in Vain

    Many pastors are bi-vocational – meaning their job at the church isn’t their first or only job.

    In fact many in our day are choosing to be bi-vocational to force a connection with non-believers and stay relevant.

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