1. Back to School - Equip Parents with Ideas to Impact Teachers

    Teaching kids hospitality

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  2. Start a New Tradition at Your Church this Christmas

    Custom Christmas Ornaments are a great Christmas tradition.

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  3. Why is personal evangelism so rare?

    It seems in our post-Christian culture that the courage (or perhaps even willingness) to share our faith is becoming rare. Why is that? Why is sharing our faith so challenging for most people? I suspect the answer is  “sharing your faith”or “evangelizing people” are such a nebulous phrases.  What does it mean? When do you do it? What do you say? How do we teach people how to do it? How do we normalize it?

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  4. Tips for Starting a Door Hanger Campaign

    An oft forgotten tool, Door Hangers offer a unique opportunity to engage your current members in local outreach, generate awareness of your church in your local neighborhoods and create opportunities for face-to-face engagement, prayer and inviting people to attend your church.

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  5. Showing God's Love Acts of Kindness Campaign

    Want to Grow Year Round?

    Start an Acts of Kindness Campaign for $50.00

    Most Churches tend to see growth and attendance stall in the summer months. Does it have to be that way? A full 60% or more of people in our communities don't attend church at all, so there's no shortage of people to invite. How can we engage these people and invite them to our church this summer?

    While many people will be taking vacation this summer there is still ample opportunity to invite people when they are at home. Not all of America will be on vacation at the same time so let’s open our church doors to those people that are still in the neighborhood each weekend. An Acts of Kindness Campaign engages our communities and raises awareness about your church.

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  6. Tracking Your Guests

    Once you have guests visiting your church the goal is to get them to stick around.

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  7. 8 Reasons Why Most Churches Don’t Break the 200 Attendance Mark

    Numerical growth is often on the mind of pastors and church leadership.

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  8. Great Resource for Teaching the Bible

    Living in the Post-Modern era offers a lot of temptation specifically as it relates to the advancement of technology.  It seems right away when kids are born they are handed a smartphone or tablet and begin interacting in the digital world.

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  9. Times are a Changin

    Our culture continues to change at a rapid rate. The minute we think we have understood a cultural shift and adjusted our approach we recognize it has changed yet again.  The effectiveness of your church is influenced greatly by your understanding of the culture which God has placed your church in.

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  10. Your 9-5 is Not in Vain

    Many pastors are bi-vocational – meaning their job at the church isn’t their first or only job.

    In fact many in our day are choosing to be bi-vocational to force a connection with non-believers and stay relevant.

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