1. Volunteers Make Guest Ministry Happen

    We don’t have to tell you that volunteers are the lifeblood of the church. Our ministries wouldn’t be nearly as effective without those volunteers that give selflessly of their time and talents for the higher purpose of reaching hearts for Jesus. And those volunteers in Guest Ministry are of particular importance. The guest experience truly makes the difference between a guest that is turned into a passionate follower of Christ and a guest that is turned off to Jesus altogether, and that experience begins with your Guest Ministry volunteers. So how are we to ensure that those volunteers are equipped to deliver a great guest experience—one where guests genuinely feel the love of Jesus through them?

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  2. How Do You Shepherd A Large Flock?

    How Do You Shepherd A Large Flock?

    I recently attended a church service where a pastor admitted they have always taken the perspective of “people are responsible for themselves. If they choose not to engage and participate, it’s not our problem.” That same pastor also admitted that he and the rest of the staff are haunted by Colossians 1:28 and the call to “present everyone fully mature in Christ.” They struggle with getting attendee engagement at the church. Thousands attend; maybe 40% of them are in small groups, and a far lower percentage volunteer. They’re trying to figure out how to improve engagement, and their new strategy is still to offer small groups/classes and wait for people to sign up. The difference now is how frequently they talk about small groups and serving.

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  3. New Year Goal-Setting for Your Church

    The New Year is a great time for your church leadership to meet and set goals for your next year of ministry, and to lay down the framework for how those goals will be achieved.

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  4. Building a Guest-Friendly Worship Experience

    We need to be mindful that we have guests in our worship services.

    Many guests have no context for what they’re about to see, hear, and experience inside your church. Here are some tips for making a guest friendly experience that doesn’t remove the power and presence of the Holy Spirit in your church.

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  5. Your Guests (hopefully) Don’t Pray About Joining Your Church

    It sounds like one of those sensational headlines designed to trick you into clicking on something, only to find an ad waiting for you, but I think there's something worth considering as you build your guest ministry.

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  6. What Keeps Our Churches from Sustained Growth?

    We know we want our churches to be healthy and experience growth. Sustained growth means we are consistently reaching new hearts for Christ! But with roughly 80% of US churches experiencing decline, what is keeping our churches from growing?

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  7. An Eye-Opening Guest Experience

    Confession time: my husband and I have a favorite guest speaker at our church. In fact, attendance is consistently higher when this pastor visits to preach! So a couple of years ago, we decided to visit his home church as a part of our anniversary date. And boy, were we surprised!

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  8. What I Wish I Knew Before Volunteering

    Your volunteers are part of creating a friendly welcoming atmosphere at your church.

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  9. The Art of Actively Waiting

    Can’t God do things instantly?

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  10. How to Deliver Constructive Criticism

    If you have been in ministry longer than say a week than you have received some form of criticism.

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