1. Reach Your Community

    For many churches, we know we’re supposed to reach and evangelize our communities, but the people… they’re so…. Different! It feels like we have nothing in common with them. While evangelizing in today’s very sensitive and contentious society can be intimidating, we can’t let that stop us from obeying God.

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  2. The Best Summer Yet for Your Church

    Your church undoubtedly invested plenty of time and energy into making Easter a great experience and celebration of Jesus’ sacrifice for your members and newcomers. Hopefully, all that buildup to Easter and the guests that attended for the first time breathed some excitement into your congregation. Not only have we just celebrated our New Life in Christ, but maybe you’re seeing some “new life” in your congregation for the first time in a while.

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  3. A Mother's Day She'll Love

    The term “mental load” has become more and more common, especially among mothers. If you haven’t heard of this term before, “mental load” refers to all of the invisible tasks associated with the management of a household. It’s constant laundry, meal planning and prep, dishes, and baths. It’s keeping track of the family calendar, school permission slips and money, book fair volunteering, and the grocery list, as well as planning birthday parties, doctor appointments, and what will go in the kids’ Easter baskets.

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  4. How Do You Shepherd A Large Flock?

    How Do You Shepherd A Large Flock?

    I recently attended a church service where a pastor admitted they have always taken the perspective of “people are responsible for themselves. If they choose not to engage and participate, it’s not our problem.” That same pastor also admitted that he and the rest of the staff are haunted by Colossians 1:28 and the call to “present everyone fully mature in Christ.” They struggle with getting attendee engagement at the church. Thousands attend; maybe 40% of them are in small groups, and a far lower percentage volunteer. They’re trying to figure out how to improve engagement, and their new strategy is still to offer small groups/classes and wait for people to sign up. The difference now is how frequently they talk about small groups and serving.

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  5. What Does Your Lobby Say?

    As the generational switch in leadership continues to take place, more and more churches are evaluating whether or not their lobby is the inviting space they want, or a holdover from a past era. If your church is either asking this question now, or you think it will in the near future, here are some tips to help navigate through the lobby remodeling process.

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  6. New Year Goal-Setting for Your Church

    The New Year is a great time for your church leadership to meet and set goals for your next year of ministry, and to lay down the framework for how those goals will be achieved.

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  7. What I Wish I Knew Before Volunteering

    Training Your Volunteers

    If you want your volunteers to represent your church well, here are some things to keep in mind when training them.

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  8. Building a Guest-Friendly Worship Experience

    We need to be mindful that we have guests in our worship services.

    Many guests have no context for what they’re about to see, hear, and experience inside your church. Here are some tips for making a guest friendly experience that doesn’t remove the power and presence of the Holy Spirit in your church.

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  9. First Steps – How to make someone’s arrival at your church amazing!

    What do guests experience when they arrive?

    You did it! You equipped your members to invite people and you have awareness building in your community through your website, social media and a little advertising. Now it’s time to get people on campus and into your building!  As guests drive by and into your campus, you have a tremendous opportunity to extend the great first impression your members, website and social media prowess made on your guests.

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  10. Why is personal evangelism so rare?

    It seems in our post-Christian culture that the courage (or perhaps even willingness) to share our faith is becoming rare. Why is that? Why is sharing our faith so challenging for most people? I suspect the answer is  “sharing your faith”or “evangelizing people” are such a nebulous phrases.  What does it mean? When do you do it? What do you say? How do we teach people how to do it? How do we normalize it?

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