1. What Does Your Lobby Say?

    As the generational switch in leadership continues to take place, more and more churches are evaluating whether or not their lobby is the inviting space they want, or a holdover from a past era. If your church is either asking this question now, or you think it will in the near future, here are some tips to help navigate through the lobby remodeling process.

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  2. Guest Welcome Packets - Tips and Best Practices

    Guests come to your church for many reasons, with many different interests and goals. That means they’ll have different questions they need answered as they decide to join your church. How do you give people answers to the questions they’re asking, and also the questions they haven’t yet asked, but soon will? Like a hammer in the hands of a skilled carpenter, Guest Welcome Packets can be a wonderful part of your Guest Ministry if you use them to their fullest potential.

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  3. Before and After

    Have you ever thought to yourself: “Why would I pay for graphic design when I can create something nice in Microsoft Word or Publisher?”

    We have a 3 word answer: Process, speed, and usability.

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  4. What I Wish I Knew Before Volunteering

    Training Your Volunteers

    If you want your volunteers to represent your church well, here are some things to keep in mind when training them.

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  5. Your Guests (hopefully) Don’t Pray About Joining Your Church

    It sounds like one of those sensational headlines designed to trick you into clicking on something, only to find an ad waiting for you, but I think there's something worth considering as you build your guest ministry.

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  6. What Keeps Our Churches from Sustained Growth?

    We know we want our churches to be healthy and experience growth. Sustained growth means we are consistently reaching new hearts for Christ! But with roughly 80% of US churches experiencing decline, what is keeping our churches from growing?

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  7. The Art of Actively Waiting

    Can’t God do things instantly?

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  8. Are you Changing with Culture?

    Our culture continues to change at a rapid rate. The minute we think we have understood a cultural shift and adjusted our approach we recognize it has changed yet again.  The effectiveness of your church is influenced greatly by your understanding of the culture which God has placed your church in.

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  9. Refocus Your Energy for Greater Results

    For many churches the natural path seems to be to add new ministries and initiatives each year with little consideration on the impact on the church as a whole. We need to stop and ask ourselves some questions before adding new programs, such as "How will these new ministries managed?" and "Will the leaders of our church have enough energy for the new ministries to be successful?"

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  10. The Reality of Change and Conflict

    Life is full of conflict. Good vs. Evil. Right vs. Wrong. Michigan vs. Ohio State. Conflict is a normal part of life that can't be avoided. Given that reality, you have a choice to make: What conflicts am I going to embrace, and what conflicts am I going to avoid?

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